We're passionate about what we do!
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Autoworks, Inc. is a family owned and operated auto repair facility that has been in business since 1992. Owner, Carl Wilson, understands the importance of finding an automotive repair company that you can trust, and that the choices can sometimes be confusing. Our goals are to provide you with confidence  in your mechanic, a clean facility that will help you keep your vehicle running,   aand a knowledgeable team that will meet your automotive needs. We specialize in your car! Give us a call today!

Vintage European
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American Muscle
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Fast Service
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Knowledgable Staff
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  • Carl
    CarlAutoworks, Inc. Owner and Founder

    A veteran of the automotive industry, Carl is a Master Mechanic with 33+ years
    of experience.  He has a special interest in import, domestic and vintage cars, including MG, Triumph, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari.
    Previous experience includes a 10+ year stint
    as crew chief for an Alfa Romeo on the SVRA circuit and the Skoal Bandit car.

      DOROTHYCo-owner and Office Manager

      Dorothy is not new to
      the industry; she spent summers working at Autoworks, Inc. since she was 11 years old and has previous experience in customer service and office management.  She enjoys honing her skills in the automotive industry.

      • Bart
        BartMaster Mechanic

        Bart’s previous experience includes years as a Service Manager in addition to his 30+ years as a Master Mechanic. His expertise lies in Porsche and German Imports, including other foreign cars.  He also has experience in the vintage and race circuits.

        • Maxine
          MaxineDirector of Customer Relations

          Since she was a puppy, Maxine’s main goal at Autoworks has been to make sure you’re happy. She also does some

          accounting work and makes sure the carpet stays put.